Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Half Granny square shawl

After finishing the red retro sweater, I decided to finish the scrap shawl that I started several weeks ago. It's nothing exciting. I just made half of a granny square. The first round is done just like a basic granny, but after that you only crochet halfway around the square and then turn, and do that to each row. (I know, I'm not explaining it well)

Here's a picture

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I just used scrap yarn, and changed colors when I felt like it. I randomly used yarn out of my stash and sometimes didnt care if I was putting a clashing color against a clashing color. I also didnt repeat any colors. The shawl is huge, and probably doesnt represent very much of my scrap yarn stash.

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For the edging, I did one row of half double crochet, and then for the next row, I single crocheted in the first 9 stitches, did 3dc, ch-1, 3 dc in the next st, and then skipped 2 sts... all the way to the center point, where I did 1 hdc in each of the next 9 sts, and then started over with the scallops until I got to the last 9 sts and then sc in each of the last 9 sts. (have I confused you yet?)

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Both my parents seem to like it a lot. I think my dad wants me to give it to him, but I think this shawl is for me. (I dont keep what I make very often) My parents can use it if they're cold tho..

I'm not exactly sure what to crochet next. I want to do a green sweater vest like the red one I did one blog post back. I'm also thinking of doing a scrap afghan. (I have a LOT of scrap yarn)


Debbie's Yarn Closet said...

Great shawl!! I love the color mix.

sid63usm said...


Beth said...

Beautiful! Is there a pattern for this one?

ErinLindsey said...

Beth... all I did was make half of a granny square, and just kept crocheting on it till I thought the shawl was big enough.

I didnt follow a written out pattern.

Just Google for a pattern for a half granny square and use that.

Nita said...

Ooooh...that's SO pretty!!!! And all it is is a half granny??? hm...might try that after I get Kelly Janelle's rectangle Granny blankie finished, and Duane Lee's baby ghan out of the way...(My cousin Lisa's 2 kids...both are little red heads...)

Theresee said...

I love this shawl... I made one last year in varigarted green, green, varigarted brown and brown from Vanna White's stash of yarns... it's huge, used almost 12 skeins of yarn. Love that yarn feels better than the regular Red Heart yarn. Looking at your shawl makes me want to start another. It's a great project to take camping... requires no thought to complete. - Fun project !