Tuesday, September 26, 2006

we have improvement!!!! (yay!!!)

I am so excited right now!

My wonky left eye has been steadily getting better since friday night. Friday morning and afternoon, my good eye (the right eye) was hurting and the eyelid kept twitching.

So, naturally I panicked. I was worried that whatever fubar-ed my left eye was making it's move on the right eye. Called the eye doctor. He was out (naturally), but luckily one of the other opthamologists was in the office and could take me that afternoon. So, I went in and he checked both eyes. Said that nothing was wrong with the right eye other than maybe a little eyestrain and said the pain was probably from that or may have had some leftover pain from a migraine I had the day before. He didnt even put drops in my eyes. I guess he was checking my pupil responses. My bad eye had an "afferent pupillary defect", which means that it wasnt responding normally to light.

So, he said to just rest my eyes and sent me home. That night and saturday morning and afternoon, my eye started flip flopping back and forth between crappy vision and really really really crappy vision.

Sunday I went to the Lincoln airshow with some friends to see the Blue Angels. Got to the airshow and started thinking it was a big mistake to go to an airshow on a sunny day with optic neuritis. My glasses have tint in them, but it was not up to the job. So I bought some of the overpriced clip-on sunglasses they had there. That helped so much. I was able to enjoy (and see) the Blue Angels.

Woke up monday, vision was less fuzzy.

Got up this morning to take my dad to his eye surgery (we've been the House Of The Half-Blind this past month) and my vision was a lot clearer. It's not normal yet, and some colors (green and red) still look weird, but I can see pretty good now with that eye. I even crocheted and knitted some tonight. I think I forgot how to knit...mostly I couldnt remember how to cast on in a way that my yarn doesnt split apart, but at least I can see what I'm doing now.

Now I can finish the pineapple shawl I crocheted with one eye closed when this all started. I finished crocheting it, but I couldnt see well enough to weave the yarn ends in. Gonna go finish that now. whoohoo! I was having serious yarn/crochet withdrawal.


sid63usm said...

send me some pictures of the grandchildren. sidney63@tampabay.rr.com

Stephanie said...

I loved your line "House of the Half-Blind". Fits our house (my Dad and I both lost our vision in the left eye).

Glad to hear that you have improvement! My eye doc told me I'm entirely justified to 'freak' if I have problems with my right eye. :)

ErinLindsey said...

Stephanie, my eye has gotten a lot better, but it's still not as good as I want it to be (I want it back in original condition)

It can sometimes take about 6 months to recover from optic neuritis, and from what I've been reading, most people will still end up with some slightly fuzzy vision and some lingering dyschromatopsia (deficient color vision)

My vision is still fuzzy, and some colors (yellows, greens and reds) are still weird looking, but at least I can crochet again. That was one of my biggest worries, was not being able to see well enough to crochet.